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End of the road....... [15 Feb 2003|06:11pm]
Well its been a fun run, but this is my last entry................
I never post anymore, I never have comments when I do, so it seems kinda pointless.
Well things finally seem to be going well for me. I have a great girlfriend, I have a decent sex life again, I'm slowly getting out of debt, and I seem to be figure out my future more so.
To all my club friends, I'm sorry for not showing up anymore. I need a long break from the scene. I just got real sick of driving a hour to drink a few over priced beers and have a 1/2 assed time. The only things I miss about the whole thing is my friends there. I'll be showing up now and then, but its not really gonna be for awhile now. I'm trying to have a social life again, spend time with Devi, and pull together my life with my Dad, and just be there for my sister during her hard times. Things always get better, I always tell everyone that..... Now I'm actually believing it for myself. I just hope I don't fuck up this relationship, cause I actually really like this girl all around. Oh well..... I just need to talk to Jessi now and let her know that I honestly never see us going anywhere Sometimes you just have to make a decision and Devi was the right one in my heart. Well LJ, its been nice... Well actually its been more of a hassle keeping up with you......
I'll keep readin all your LJ's when I get a chance! Later Kids!!!!!!!!!!!!
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random post [05 Feb 2003|08:39pm]
damn.......I'm fucking broke.......
Must take back DOA Volleyball and Transformers season 2........need cash......rent due.....

On a happy note, Matt called me at the shop tonight and made a appointment for me to pierce his nape twice on Saturday and I'll also being piercing Bryan's daiths!
I was shocked to hear Bryan ask me to pierce him...... He doesn't trust anyone to pierce him except himself! I feel giddy and a tiny bit scared!
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the long weekend.......... [04 Feb 2003|09:28pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Well I wanted to post this originally on Sunday or Monday, but at least I'm getting to it!

This was a very insane weekend from the get go!
Friday consisted of working at EB as usual....... BORING!!!!!!!!!!
After that I went home to get all cleaned up and such then drove to the mall in Exton to get myself some spiffy duds for Mike and Connie's wedding.
After a 1/2 hour trip to Strawbridges, I was now the new owner of a pair of black suit pants, a white oxford button down shirt and a new leather belt.......

Subtract 85 smackaroos from said checking account...............

So I mosey around for a few moments and chuckle to myself at the next wave of mall rats that wander on by (man there "Form" of goth/freak is a very very sad sad sight). I just chuckled to myself in hopes that I never see any of the alterna-tots again. I popped into Suncoast for a sec and decided to acquire the box set of Transformers Season 2 on dvd........

Subtract 70 smackaroos from said checking account............

I bolt before I make any other unneeded purches for myself and head home to get the low down for the eve.....

I ended up getting another shower and went to West Chester To hear Cotter play with a full band for the first time. They sounded really great, and I ended up singing the last song with him and my boys from the town. It was a sight to see.....
Was myself, Cotter, Douglas J., Tattooed Joe, Dante, and Ryan. I also ran into a old friend there and meet up with her Deviness as well. I took Devi back to the dorms in promise to pick her up in a hour after swinging by Ryan's Pub for a brew with Jeremy (old friend from above) and Bald Jon! Had beer....annoying frat boys......talked to friends....left......
With time to spare I returned to pick up Devi as promised and we ended up heading back here to cuddle up and watch "The Fellowship of the Ring" for the billionth time. We love it too much to get sick of it. This time we ended up doing MST3K chat to it....

We had our "fun" together and crashed out........

Saturday consisted of waking up next to a cute Devi girl and I shortly took her home. I kinda scrambled at this point to start looking sexy like in a suit! GOD DAMN I'M SO HOT!!!!
I met up with Joey and then drove to Phoenixville to get Jessi and wooooossssssshhhhh
we were off to the church to see the kids get hitched!

The wedding was beautiful and I got sorta choked up.....not in the sappy sense......but in the sense of trying not to blurt out any comment during the ceremony.............
As soon as the priest said "if there is any reason these two etc. etc. etc.", my row and the row behind me (kenny, cotter, pip, joe, and fig) all had our heads down and were nawing on our bottom lips from spewing out a comment...... At this point about a good 7 or 8 people that knew us all turned around and mouth the words "NO!!!!!!!!".......
People know us to well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wedding ended and we headed to the reception and the open bar! Drank a ton and didn't really get drunk.......
Pip was blotto........no shocker there.........Mike and Connie got destroyed.........no shocker there.......and the party continued till 2am!
So much to tell but no way to write it!

Sunday was a day of recovering and I met up with Fish and Chris to discuss Changeling crap for fun over yummy food at West Chester Diner.

Subtract around 70 bucks from wedding day and food from Sunday.............

I ended up crashing out super duper early on Sunday night due to having to come in early at work......

I worked on Monday at EB from 6am-5:30.......... WHAT A COMPLETLY FUCKING SHITTY ASS DAY!!!!!!!!
I went to Fish and Jada's for Changling when I got in and had a decent time for never playing before........came home slept..........
Today was just a regualer ordinary busy as shit day at EB and a as usual boring and uneventful night at Northern Lights!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO MY BOY, DOUGLAS J.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna get you smashed on Friday, niggah!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My thoughts......... Please read the pledge in this post....... [29 Jan 2003|06:53pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Sorry oh once again for not posting much! Well I've been getting some! That is a huge bonus for me!!!!!!!! She is a awesome girl! We have a ton in common and we can both be downright silly with each other! I definitely have a Devi to go along with my Nny....

Ahhhh the feeling of unity in a fucked up sense......
Now don't get me wrong....... this is no way a relationship at all.........

I so can't do that, for it would be bad! Sex with friends is a thing people need to cherish!
More people need to do this!!!!!

Well I finally have a appointment to get my teeth checked out in the morning. Thank god they aren't doing any work....... I've put this off for way long too.
I just want the damn teeth out damnit!!!!!!! (my wisdom teeth)

Well 2 years is a damn long time to put something off......... I can't help it..... POOR!
Oh yeah.... I fucking hate the dentist too! Well we shall see what happens........
A few days of blinding pain and swollen cheeks are definitely better then popping asprin/advil/tylenol/alieve/etc. etc. etc. every hour........ Hell after the bachelor party on Saturday (was a decent time....whish we could have done more for Mike......... Ryan I'm beating the living shit out of you at the reception) I had to pull over so Ken could drive.... My teeth are seriously causing me that much pain......

*Takes a break to yell at the tiny cavity on his wisdom tooth............

Tonight I should have went to work at the shop....its snowing though.......oh well its no biggie!
I will partake in a bit of Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball later to ease my pain.......(game so sexy.......must remember its only a game.......)

OH DUH! I so forgot the main reason I wanted to post tonight.
Last night was the State of the Union bull crap..........
My friend sent me a little thing she found online that captures my view to the fucking "T" on this whole big do'ens oversea and in our backyard in the us-of-a.

"The Pledge of Resistance"

We believe that as people living
in the United States it is our
responsibility to resist the injustices
done by our government,
in our names

Not in our name
will you wage endless war
there can be no more deaths
no more transfusions
of blood for oil

Not in our name
will you invade countries
bomb civilians, kill more children
letting history take its course
over the graves of the nameless

Not in our name
will you erode the very freedoms
you have claimed to fight for

Not by our hands
will we supply weapons and funding
for the annihilation of families
on foreign soil

Not by our mouths
will we let fear silence us

Not by our hearts
will we allow whole peoples
or countries to be deemed evil

Not by our will
and Not in our name

We pledge resistance

We pledge alliance with those
who have come under attack
for voicing opposition to the war
or for their religion or ethnicity

We pledge to make common cause
with the people of the world
to bring about justice,
freedom and peace

Another world is possible
and we pledge to make it real.

(back to Robby now)
I hope more people think like this..........

Thanks for readin!

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sometimes I scare myself............. [25 Jan 2003|12:18am]
Nenshou Engel [12:09 AM]: beware the moose......
Nenshou Engel [12:09 AM]: it got my neuget.....
Nenshou Engel [12:09 AM]: my creamy center is gone.
digita1dollie [12:09 AM]: its okay baby...we fill you back with Bavarian creme
Nenshou Engel [12:09 AM]: oooooo........
Nenshou Engel [12:10 AM]: don't forget the sprinkles!
Nenshou Engel [12:10 AM]: the banana in the ass is always a plus too!
digita1dollie [12:11 AM]: nah...fuck that east coast shit...I want some hardcore west coast powdered suga
Nenshou Engel [12:11 AM]: and can I have maraschino cherry eyes!
Nenshou Engel [12:11 AM]: talk about being irresistible in bed!
Nenshou Engel [12:12 AM]: work my calories baby! work it! own it! love it!
Nenshou Engel [12:12 AM]: oh oh oh..... suck it baby....suck it!!!!!!!!!!!
Nenshou Engel [12:12 AM]: and I'm spent.
Nenshou Engel [12:14 AM]: I scare you.....don't I?
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UBER UPDATE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [24 Jan 2003|04:42pm]
Wow! I haven't updated for real in like almost 2 weeks or so..........
The big thing is there really isn't too much to chat about...............
1. I haven't been going to the club too much mainly due to being financially in the shits. I feel bad asking other people for loans, only due to me not being able to pay people back for some time. I'm gonna try to get to Evo this Sunday to see my D spin....... I need to make sure I have enough cash to get me through the week.
2. I did go to Coral's party the other week........ It was a real interesting time and I must say a learning experience.................. I learned never pass out at Coral's house. Poor poor Dayton.....

3. I have been uber lazy recently. Yesterday I left work feeling rather ill.....I'm still home.......
I left at like 12:30 for feeling foul and because I took my tongue ring out in my attempt to sleep the other night. When I got to work I realized it wasn't in. I became McGyver and grabbed a wooden q-tip and shoved it through the whole and tore the flesh back open to keep a semblance of a hole there till I could replace the metal. I started fading out at work like at 11:30. Couldn't eat, felt only pain, body died. I slept all day yesterday and forgot to call my other job to call out..... I slept all day today again and woke up to call out on both jobs.
4. The future- Tomorrow is Mike's bachelor party! I just wanna feel ok by then! I hope things end up being fun!
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[23 Jan 2003|08:10pm]
I said I was gonna update...... wow i so lied to all of you! I've been uber lazy this week and have had no ambition to really do much of anything. I've been so lazy I haven't even played games cause it involved too much effort. this has too.............
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[20 Jan 2003|08:34pm]
tomorrow i'm gonna have a few posts relating to what i have been doing recently and things to amuse my friends !
i just wanted to say that i'm not dead and haven't given up on LJ!
been soooo busy......must return phone calls now............
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lack of quality [13 Jan 2003|05:57pm]
ok i'm gonna post now.....
i'm neglecting my LJ a lot so big fuckin deal. i need more sleep..... two jobs kicking my ass...... need a third job cause i'm sooo broke...... in debt....... need sex........

my past week has been highly uneventful, that's good i think.........
i did get my nape pierced the other week and i did get the black and grey done on harley and joker. i see jessi a bit more now..... i like that.
i miss my old friends but now they are all getting married. i'm not lonely.... just bored......
i need to go shopping to up my spirits....oh yeah....i'm poor
bills due end of the week.....goodbye $165 bucks i could have used on groceries...... back to ramen once again........
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[13 Jan 2003|05:15pm]
I'm gonna update my journal tonight at some point I think........
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Who I am......... [06 Jan 2003|09:38pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

*Note- This post is not being aimed at anyone..... These are my views and if you don't care for them read something else.

I'm going to start off by saying this isn't any normal short post on how my day was. This is who I am and what I am and why.

I've been getting sick of all this fucking drama recently. I'm sick of seeing the same shit everyday. I'm tired of hearing people making fun of other people for their lifestyle, their clothing, their taste in music, their friends and their family.I'm fucking sick of the club attitudes..... I'm sick of the drinking and I'm sick of the nonstop party. I want to set the record straight to people who know me or read my journal or just stumble upon this by accident.
When you see a person at a club, you see them in one light. What they do with the rest of their time is theirs. Who is anyone to pry and poke fun at a random stranger for that person's interest. ITS FUCKING SHALLOW!

1/2 of you have no clue about me at all.... I know I don't have the greatest reputation in the scene because of people bad mouthing me to help improve their own self-esteem. Shit has been pinned on me in the past that's hurt my name that I've had no part in.. I despise that shit....
To be all honest I'm a sweet guy and do anything for my friends...... I'm also one of the biggest assholes you could ever cross.
I'm not just into ebm and industrial! I'm a punk too! I enjoy wearing color! I come from a fucked up home! I am a prick! I have a raging short temper! I'm a hopeless romantic! I haven't had sex since Aug.! I'm a lot more then a pretty face that knows how to dance!
I do more then drink! I don't like getting hit on all night at a club! I hate being begged to go places that I couldn't give two shits about! I am not trying to get down every hot woman's pants! I enjoy reading! I was a drug addict! I was a borderline alcoholic!

That's just a handful of things people don't know about me! I'm tired of people seeing me as one thing...... I'm fucking tired of people I don't know wanted to get hooked up on tats and piercings! I hate people who waste my time................

I work too hard to have to deal with shit on top of being a adult in life. I think I need to disappear from this scene because its turning into a popularity contest instead of a gathering of people with common interests. I've been here for 6 years and watched it slowly suck me in and I watched it only get worse. When I'm at work all day I shouldn't be think of drama at a club from the night before. It should have been fun and that's that. Who cares of some chick hit on your ex-boyfriend from 3 years ago?!! Why should you choose friends based upon who they talk too?!! Who fucking cares if someone is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a phish shirt?!!!


All people do is bitch about one thing to the next. I'm sick of the gossip, I'm sick of the attitude, I'm sick of deceit.

If you don't agree with me I really could care less! These are my views and that's who the fuck I am...............

You should like people for who they are! Remember everyone makes mistakes, don't judge a person from other people's words. Be yourself and not a copy of a childhood idol or a friend. We were all given a clean slate at birth to make ourselves unique.
There are too many copies all ready out there, try being original.............

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I so haven't been posting a lot [04 Jan 2003|10:19pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Wow ! I so need to start using my journal more. I've been so busy its hard to find time to sit down and write. Recently I've been going out way too often....
I really think I need to take some time away from clubs and drinking and all. Last night I was at Shock Therapy with Doug, Pip, and Bryan. It was definitely nice to get comped into the place by Reno and Octovio. They have been so awesome to us with performing there and all. Octovio told us last night if we ever want to do anything anytime to just go for it. It was nice to feel welcomed. We did a few minute set last night. Bryan and me only pushed like 50 needles into Pip, but it was a pain in the ass cause I really had a few too many drinks. I saw a few peps there last night I haven't talked to in awhile, so I played catch up and all that crap.

This was the full down down of my day------>
I got up on Friday at like 7am then went to work at 8-4:30, then drove to get Pip, then drove some more to my other job at the shop. Worked till like 7:30 at night. From there I took Bryan home then drove back home with Doug and Pip just to take a shower and relax for a second. Off again, this time back to Delaware to get Bryan, then to Philly to the club. We were there amazingly on time for the start and began drinking. We stayed the whole time and I got a wee bit tipsy as I mentioned earlier. Shock ended, so we went out for food at the diner and left to come home. By the time I dropped off the crew to their respected places of living I headed home fighting sleep six ways till Sunday. I eventually got in the door at 6:15. I nodded off at 7am and woke today at 6pm realizing I so just sleep through work. I can't keep killing myself like this...........
I have a feeling tonight I'll call Jessi to wish her a Happy 21st Birthday at midnight. From there I'll end up calling up my niggah Becca to drink once again. I do know tomorrow I have to go to lunch with Jessi....... She said she is giving me a answer to my question and we are having a long talk. We shall see what arises.......
Found out a few days ago that Trisha is engaged! Way to go girl!
The only thing that is buggin me now is the massive lack of women in my life to be friends with but also fuck around with as well. I just know that I'm not wanting a relationship at all.
I was never good at it so why do it to myself again. I'm just uber greatful that I have a shit load of friends around me again! I don't know what I'd do without any of them!

One thing I really need to do though is to get on good terms with my old friends again. I have a feeling that they are all pissed off at me for never calling them or hanging out. They were a huge part of my life for sooo long and I completely disappeared when I moved to media. Now that I'm back I'm still distant to them..... Why?

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Hey Hey! (no I'm not a monkey) [01 Jan 2003|04:08am]
[ mood | blank ]

Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz

Well I have some back tracking to do as usual.....
I'm gonna start from Sunday......

Sunday- I went to the club as usual with a car load of people
-Cast: Rob, Pip, D, Becca, Julie, Clint, Jeff, Natalie, Kate, Anna, and a lot of fucking extras
- The Scoop: Well the night seemed like it was gonna be just one of the same kinds of night.....NOPE ! I ended up basically only dancing to like 3 songs the entire night due to the rest of it hanging out with everyone mentioned above in the bar.
Now granted, not everyone in said list was of age, they all managed to find there own ways up the steps of legalness. It turned into this night where all of us just sat in the upper level of the bar hoarding the area and looking down on everyone all night and just being silly folk as always. As the night went on, so did the booze.......
I got hit on by like 6 girls in the one night and that was just crazy all and all. The funniest part had to be Natalie and Kate being way too wasted and using me as a couch! You had to see it....... You gotta love the girls!
Got home way too late and had shit for sleep!

Monday- Work and more work..........online banter.........sleep

Tuesday- New Years Eve day consisted of waking up almost on time getting to work on time and flying through my day at EB.... On to get Pip and then to job No. 2 with Pip. Chilled with the boyz at the shop and ate some jello shots and after close took a few hits. Its New Years Eve..... why not!
Me and Pip wandered around Liquor World in DE and found our choice drink of the night. Magic Hat beer! Damn good stuff!
Got a case and a bottle of pre-made L.I.I.T.
Went to Glenn's place and hung with Glenn, Kate, and Chuck!
It was only the five of us. Glenn made some kickin fondue up for dinner and we all sat around and drank and ate yummy goodness! We all watched the ball drop and I continued my tradition of having smoke in the lungs, and beer in my mouth at the change of the year. Hey, if the world is gonna end that second I'm going out with my two best friends!
We all ended up getting sucked into the Adult Swim marathon and that was the night basically! I only had a few beers and so did Pip. Man I soooo usually destroy myself and I wasn't in the mood for it tonight! WTF!

1. How much ink and metal can Rob add to his body this year?
2. Fix the sex life..........
3. Finish my Tattoo apprenticeship
4. Do more Pain Infinity shows
5. Leave EB
6. Fix sex life..........
7. Try not to have a shitty year like 2k2
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quick post [29 Dec 2002|02:19am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I figured I should post real quick to let a few friends know that I'm ok......
Everyone thought I died cause I put up a away message saying I went to the ER the other day and I haven't been online much since then!
All I can say is "OPPS !!!!! MY BAD!"
X-mas Night I went out with Ms. Becca and we saw Adaptation together! It was so amazing! Go leave your house right now and see it!
Thursday was both jobs and massive pain in the head which lead to a 5 hour trip to the emergency room at Chester County Hospital......
They gave me PERCOCETS for the pain! I have a sinus infection that crippled me and that's what they gave me. Its called antibiotics retards!!!!!!! Not that I'm pissed they gave me percocets by any means! They made me so out of it I couldn't work on Friday.
Friday I was in bed all fucking day in a daze. I think I had enough strength to watch a movie and jerk off twice, talk on IM and go back to sleep. Now that I think about it, I think I jerked off 3 times......
Today was work at the shop....... I changed a few pieces of metal from people's face and made some bucks! Closed up and went to Best Buy with Douglas J. to purchase a wiring harness for my car.
Fun in sues.........
Me and Doug spent eons trying to install a new head unit and speakers into the subaru....
*keep in mind I never did this and he never did work on a subaru before.
After tearing apart my console and ripping my doors apart we finally managed to get shit working and sounding badass!

Car looks decent, is cleaned out, and be thumpin with the sounds of wumpscut!

I need booty.....
Only masturmabated once today..... thee night still be young!

This post is longer then I expected.........

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NEAR LIFE EXPERIENCE...................... [21 Dec 2002|07:37pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Aside from all the pain/suffering/pain/loss of money/physical abuse its been a AMAZING week!

Well I can't and can't complain about this week. I only had to work 3 days at EB due to the hand injury which still fucking hurts like a bitch, but it gave me a 4 day weekend! Sunday-Wed morn I was rather intoxicated and was with Joe for the majority. Man I soooo missed my space monkey........ I also had a blast hanging with Rebecca for a few days this week as well. She is a uber cool kat to hang with. I already posted about Wed. night so I can skip over that shit. Thursday was both jobs then back with Joe/Pip/Becca to see The Two Towers. Movie was fucking amazing............. At 2am I got in, just like the many nights before......

Friday I was in a tiredness downward spiral........I was fighting the migraines still from early on in the week, the severe pain in my left hand, a aching jaw from wisdom teeth bitching up and..............(insert story of Friday night here)

*STORY TIME-------- Well plans ended up dying off for Friday night, but we all decided to meet up at the diner in West Chester for food and deliberate on what to do for the evening. All we knew was we had a case of beer in Joe's car, a bottle of schnapps in mine and....... "ROCK ON FOOD BE AT THE TABLE"..................

I started chowing down on some fries and worked my way into some chicken strips to fill a empty tummy....... the gods didn't see that one fit though................

I took a bite out of some chicken and the next thing I know (brain chimes in here- "AWWW SHIT.......FOOD STUCK IN THROAT.......HAVE WATER....") So I drink some water.....no go. (brain again- "MAKE INTERNATIONAL CHOKING SIGN WITH HANDS NOW RETARD!") Made the sign........ I stand up with about 90% of my airways blocked...... Pip gets up and asked if I can talk.......mouth opens nothing comes out......

At this point everyone there jumps up and tries the Heimlich (spelled wrong most likely) out on me. All that's coming out of my mouth is (prepare to be disgusted) heavy spit and bile.... Its coming out nonstop from my nose and mouth and I'm trying to squeeze air into my lungs which is not going well.

*At this point in time I've been choking for like 5 minutes

People from the other tables jump up and start trying to help.....my world all closed off completely and basically felt like I was dying while my friends kept trying to keep me with them. I could feel my eyes rolling back into my skull and I knew I wasn't getting enough air for a few minutes now.... at about the 8 minute mark my body started to shut down. Doug picked me up while trying to dislodge said chicken from my throat and he got me so I hard it constricted my air and I started coughing up blood with the bile. Suddenly things go blank and then world comes back into view. I got the food down and the paramedics final show up. Joe looked at me and said "If you die I'm gonna kill you..." My reply was "not till Sunday." I had like no voice, tiny bits of air in me, and bile all down my face...... (who wants a kiss)

My karma better be all paid up now....................

I'm insanely sore below the ribs and it hurts to breath or be sitting.........

Well it was interesting to almost be dead.....nice to know friends are there to help while your spewing bile from facial orifices......nice to know strangers do the same........nice to know pain killers exist.......

PS- The all great and mighty forces out there can suck my balls...........

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odd and ends..... [19 Dec 2002|05:44pm]

brought to you by Quizilla

Last night was damn amusing...... The night started off with spending a 1/2 hour looking for a parking spot at Exton Mall to meet up with Becca and Joe. From there we picked up Phil, stopped to get smokes and booze and rushed over to the Exton Diner to get good and cheap food.....

From there it was on to the city to kick Joe's ass back into shape on the dance floor! We got there and Joe bolted inside while Pip, Becca and me pre-gamed in the car. Anna pulled up next to us and she jumped in the car 40oz and all and we all got chatty. Got inside and jumped on the floor with Joe and began the stompage! I ended up getting alot of complaments from people last night about my dancing. Thats always nice to hear. The real fun of last night was chatting with Clint (DJ Vortex) and some of the guys (Larry, Brian, Jeff, Anna and the random drunk women whose names I really didn't catch). Well I should get back to working on work stuff here at the Tat shop. Late.
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[17 Dec 2002|02:26pm]
Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla
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[17 Dec 2002|02:21pm]
Which Sesame Street Muppet's Dark Secret Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla
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MOTHER FUCK! [16 Dec 2002|07:10pm]
[ mood | angry ]

If a lot of shit is misspelled in this you gotta deal with it......

This morning I went to the emergency room so finally have my hand checked out. A few of you out there knew its been bugging me for a bit and I found out why today. 2 weeks ago when I was at work and fixed one of the machines, the door closed on my hand and I just shrugged it off. It didn't bug me at all that day, but a few days after it kept being real annoying. I splinted it for a few days then was like "fuck it.... it'll be fine." Boy was I wrong. Since Friday I haven't been able to keep my middle finger straightened out at all. When ever I moved it with my other hand it felt like it was broken. So I get up today and hit up the ER....... I waited for like 3 hours to find out what the hell was up. The Doc was contorting my finger and shit trying to find out what hurt and what didn't. EVERYTHING HURT.....STOP TOUCHING IT YOU ASSHOLE! That was all I could think, but I was too busy moaning and bitching from the pain. I felt like someone kept breaking it over and over again......


Apparently the tendon that runs down that finger is torn 1/2 way down. They told me I HAVE to have surgery to have it repaired. From there on it'll be like 4 weeks for it to heal up and then I need to go through physical therapy to reboot my hand so to speak. Thank gods I'm right handed......

I'm praying that I'm gonna get workmans comp for this cause I can't afford to be without a job. I see the surgeon tomorrow at 8:30am.

Man, I always beat off with my left too...... NOT FUCKING FAIR! IT'S A BITCH TO TYPE AND I CAN'T HOLD A XBOX OR PS2 CONTROLLER.............


PS- Tonight I'm going out to drink with Joe due to his return from overseas !

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Weekend of hell part 1 [08 Dec 2002|07:02pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Its been a amazing weekend all around so far, but now I'm sooo fucking tired............

I'm gonna get things started off with Thursday, or as I like to call it "The Day the Annoying Snow Storm Came"......
I ended up having to work at EB till 1pm, then we all got out cause it was all kinds of nasty outside. I drove home and got stuck on a major road/on my drive way..... Eventually no traffic so I backed cutting across 3 empty lanes of traffic and floored it and "wahoo" I was safe. Next chore....shovel snow.....
Later that night I had to venture to Delaware to get my hair dyed by Tai.... Currently my hair looks like the winter "Northern Lights" its blue pushing up to purple. Its cool, but I want to go back to bleached out or just my purplish red.

Friday was work at Eb and the Big Show....
Friday after work I left to go get Phil and we headed down to the show to load up the equipment, then we headed to Bryan and Tai's place to get Phil cleaned up and his body all marked. Doug, Bryan, and myself did these intricate vain designs all down his arms and legs which looked awesome. We got to the club and set up the gear and just waited for the rest of out crew. Things got underway by 10:30pm and we were able to push close to 150 needles in Pip within the first 20 minutes. Bryan did the corset, which turned out beautiful, his naval, and a few other jewelry piercings early to get them done. Pip started freezing so we had to stop for awhile and find a heat source for him. The owner of TPDS gave us a space heater to warm him up.... It worked wonders and brought his blood pressure down to safe levels for us to continue.
I brought Coral and Jess up to push a few into him and they both did a wonderful job! The finale was fucking great as well.... we inserted some long tattoo needles into his skin and had the end of them covered in torch wicks and soaked in oil and lit them ablaze. There is Pip standing on a step in the middle of the whole place with hundreds of needles sticking out of him and a row in each arm were on fire..... Pip actually started dancing and going nuts. It was definitely a awesome sight to see........
We withdrew all the needles and stopped his bleeding, got our things all packed up and headed to South Street Diner for a quick meal. I was one of the greatest nights in forever.......

Saturday we watched all the footage from the show at Bryan's after we closed the shop for the night..... DVD's will be available shortly of the show!
Later in the night we headed to Doug's to chill in his hot tub and have a few beers!

Sunday.... slept till 5:30....got shower....doing wash....club in a few hours

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